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Jac Davyn

Wonder Woman feature project

Hi everyone, Does someone know how to break down the impenetrable doors of the Hollywood Casting Directors? I cannot find an agent right now and it seems that no CD will accept my submissions if I do not have an agent. This is a vicious circle. Since 2008 (I think), rumors of a feature about Wonder Woman started. Now, from what I read, they cannot find the right actress for the role. Every good actress in Hollywood seems to be too short or too old to embody Diana (and I wonder why they did not keep Adrianne Palicki). So I sent a headshot, resume and cover letter to the CD hired to find the perfect Wonder Woman and did not get any answer (it was about three months ago). By the way, when I read that Beyonce went to see the producers in person to ask for the role, it makes me really angry (someone will say jealous and will be right too) (I hope you understand why)... So anyone has an advice or know someone whom I could try to reach? Thanks.

Jac Davyn

Update: I posted my Wonder Woman pictures here in Stage32. Please have a look and tell me what you think. I am going to email the CD again with those pictures. Wish me luck :D

Natasha Dixon

Hi Jack, my first question is: are you located in Los Angeles? most CDs and agents only want to work with locals. However there is more than one way to skin a cat in this business. This would be a very long email. Inbox me your number and we can chat. There are some ways of layering your mailings...being sure your pics and mailings are on par with industry standards, calling for auditions/meetings etc. We have to think of our careers as little businesses. Companies have strategic plans and marketing schedules, etc. we should too.

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