Acting : how do you GET IN?! by Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster

how do you GET IN?!

I've been thinking a LOT lately about the William Goldman quote: "Their job is to keep you out, your job is to GET IN!" true/false?! This past year has been very rewarding for me since I started to "make my own breaks" and stop depending on my agent and other "legit" auditions (which I have never liked). I've been using a lot of contacts and networking to get cast and have seen outstanding results. I now have about 10 imbd credits to my name and before I had 2! I want to know the different methods you are trying to "GET IN!"

Babz Bitela, President

I think I love you. Keep on keeping on!

Stephen Foster


Zaff Malik

Stephen, that is amazing - two to ten. I am kind of experiencing the same. I would recommend no one rely solely upon their agent. Get out there, network and apply for work yourself. It's not going to find you, well until you become get on the A List! Congrats my fellow artist.

Richard S. Bailey

Thanks for the invite

Melody McLellan

Hi, I have a 12 yr-old son, Grant McLellan, who is an actor. He has 5 IMDb credits, with 2 more coming shortly. All but 1 of these came from my networking, not a manager or agent. I currently have him attend acting workshops with CD's, I am on linked-in and here, on Stage 32. I have met several directors/producers through these sites that have seen my son's work and say he is an excellent actor and will keep him in mind when they have a role that is suited to him....we will see.

Stephen Foster

it's all about who you know more than WHAT you know.

Melody McLellan


Melody McLellan

I am not living vicariously through my child. Acting was never anything I wanted to do. I have 4 children and Grant is the youngest. I do everything possible to encourage and aid them in their endeavors...and they are all different. I am on linked-in because my son has no interest in social media, only acting and Tae Kwon Do. These are his dreams and his goals, not mine. We live in the Inland Empire, and traveling to LA for an audition and back home again can take us 2 hours one direction, and 3 hours the other. He has to want to do this or we won't do it. It is a commitment on time, money and stress on the family, so the minute he decides not to do this we are done! However, as long as he has a passion for acting, we will continue making the trek, and Grant is the one doing the workshops, not me...I am just a "momager" I facilitate travel, logistics, and everything else a 12 yr-old in the industry isn't going to. In answer to your question, about what he may want to do in the future, whatever he wants! That is what I tell all my children...It's their lives and I want them all to be happy!

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