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Austin, tx

Hey guys, anyone in the Austin, TX area looking for a young lead or supporting actress or would like to connect? I've done great networking in Los Angeles where I'm from but it's a little tougher here in Austin! Would love to hear your strategies and advice! And I just got new headshots :)

A Wild Afternoon at the Hollywood Palladium with Peck, Heston, Fonda and Sutherland

THE GOOD NEWS at the 1970 annual Screen Actors Guild meeting at the storied Hollywood Palladium was that SAG president Charlton Heston was about to present the organization's eighth annual Life Achievement Award to Gregory Peck. I was there in the auditorium that Friday, Nov. 20th, with what seemed l...

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An Inspirational Quote For The Expat Thespian

Take it from someone wiser than me! #TheSeoulBrotha

Jeff Lyons
Let's not Forget!!!!

The writers may have avoided a strike, but let's not forget SAG-AFTRA is still in the midst of its longest strike ever!

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Cape Town Acting Troupe

I just started an acting troupe and I'm basically the only member. I want to create the opportunity for people to be able to write and perform their own stories instead of relying on others to typecast them or wait to afford an expensive acting school. Please contact me if you want to join or know someone who would want to join

Try not to worry and do your best! Now go break a leg!

Famous last words from mom who always knew especially when she signed you for acting school that you would forever be known as an actor and in mom's world of children everywhere we are she wanted us to remember that we were great and if that son a bitch at the box office stole our share that we'd ha...

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Toronto Representation

Hi, my name is Derek! I'm a Canadian actor who has been acting for a few years. I've been in a handful of student films and currently seeking representation in TV and film. Can anyone recommend any legit Toronto agencies?

Three Be Or Not Three Be, That Is The Question!

Being an extra can be strenuous. If you think long hours are bad in America imagine having to be on set for 18 - 24 hours. But I can't speak for all countries just the one I'm in. Nonetheless, there are some advantages that you should think of when on set as an extra. Let's ponder those advantages i...

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Looking To Expand my Network

Hi all. I'm a writer director looking to expand my contacts for upcoming film projects in the Monterey California area. Send me a network request if potentially interested.
No project is in the pipeline as of yet for this year, but I have completed three features in three years, so the next one is inevitable.

Opinion on YouTube series Idea

I have an idea for a YouTube series. Here is the idea: Take

Jeff Lyons
SAG-AFTRA vs. Telemundo!

SAG-AFTRA effort to unionize Telemundo heats up ...