Animation : AE Templates or from scratch? by Karen E Ross

Karen E Ross

AE Templates or from scratch?

Hey, Stage32 Animators! When you're building intros, outros, or transitions in After Effects, do you prefer to build from scratch, or do you use templates?

I'm a template person myself, as I willingly yield to people more talented and experienced.

Where are you going for templates? I recently used Motion Array and was quite pleased with their selection of free templates.

For those who wanted to check it out:

Premiere Pro and After Effects Templates, Stock Music, and more. | Motion Array
Premiere Pro and After Effects Templates, Stock Music, and more. | Motion Array
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Vital Butinar

Well I usually work from scratch when I'm doing compositing or animation. But then again it depends in what software I'm working in. If I'm editing in Resolve then I might create whatever I need in Fusion, on the other hand if it's something more complicated I might do it in Nuke and both of these I find easier to do from scratch. But if it's something really simple I still might do stuff in AE since assets are easier to use from other compatible software.

On the other hand I've worked with AE templates before and honestly most of the stuff was a little complicated and sometimes I spent more time altering stuff that I would have if I started from scratch.

I don't know I guess when you get to a certain point you just have enough experience to be able to do something from scratch but that doesn't mean that you don't look at something and find inspiration in how it's made.

Karen E Ross

Agreed Vital Butinar. I think it starts from the building of assets, which is usually a graphic designer job, which I don't do, and then the process of giving it a pathway of motion over time. I can do the second thing okay, but to already have a vision of how it should move? That's where I need the templates to start things and then I fill in the gaps - color, texture, logos, text. But this is also for commercial use. I can't imagine the layers of details for something narrative O.O

Vital Butinar

Karen E Ross I agree. But I'm fortunate because I have a degree in graphic design so designing was never a problem for me and once you know what you want it's just about learning a software and creating a workflow that works for you. I have mine and usually people I work closely to or who I teach to work with I usually teach my workflow because it's optimized for the productions I do.

But like I said there's nothing wrong with templates and I've seen some that are really complex.

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