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Action Animation

I'm looking for an animator who is interested in working on a project with me. The logline is in my profile, but it's an action animation--like Monty Oum or Shoenen Jump--about a punk high schooler set in a sci-fi world... Oh and she gets power up when singing punk rock music. Honestly, to start I'm interested in making a 3 minute fight sequence set to Green Day's American Idiot, I think it'd be a lot of fun and there's plenty of room for an animator to go wild during the fights. The intention is to eventually turn it into a tv show. Let me know if you're interested!

Bob Harper

Hi Tye - what's your budget?

Steven Gibson

I've been trying to publish some action cartoons to Nickelodeon for years. Since I watched Avatar the Last Airbender and Danny Phantom, I want to bring back action for Nickelodeon, I think Nickelodeon has too many funny cartoons, it's time for Nickelodeon to have more action cartoons.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Tye Files! Sounds like a neat project! Why am I getting Jem vibes? LOL! It must be the power-up from singing punk rock.

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