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An interesting conversation

I had an interesting conversation with a chief visionary officer of a film company. He writes; You mean, 3D? (Since I am not aware of any theaters that have installed equipment for a 'Holographic Film' yet?) Nice buzzword, but unless you've invented a new technology I haven't heard of, please think of re-contextualizing your post. He refers to the test holographic motion graphics film footage I posted. What I wrote; You might say it's a 3d film, but is it really? No matter what, given our current technology the best we can do is the illusion of 3D. After all, 3D films are projected onto a 2D plan, ie, a movie or TV screen. Even a hologram is an image embedded on a 2D plan. We live in 3D, our current tech only allows for 2D. When we look at a high def image, we know we can't reach into it because we know it's 2D, however we suspend that reality to enjoy the illusion of a 3D experience. Do you know what a tesseract is? See definition in Wikipedia My project presumes it comes from the fourth dimension and we see it in the third. So my project is no different than those I mentioned. It is a film version of a holographic image because it applies the same principals. Therefore it is not a stretch to call it a Holographic film.

Tesseract8-cell4-cube Type Convex regular 4-polytope Schläfli symbol {4,3,3}t 0,3{4,3,2} or {4,3}×{ }t 0,2{4,2,4} or {4}×{4}t 0,2,3{4,2,2} or {4}×{ }×{ }t 0,1,2,3{2,2,2} or { }×{ }×{ }×{ } Cox…

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