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Christian Nommay

Animated storyboard

Here is a short animated storyboard I produced years ago with help of an artist in Honk Kong and a Colombian storyboard artist and animator. It was my first attempt to make an animated series for Titan Effect. 10 years later, I am trying to develop a new animated series, but this time with more experience and based on an existing IP. Let me know what you think.

Rob Jones

Looks great. I'm working on several comics with some talented artists, a few inspired by Native Tribes myths. Definitely would like to chat some time down the line and maybe discuss collaboration after you knock out your next project.

Martin Reese

Nice work. Keep it coming!

Christian Nommay

Thank you very much! Hi Rob Jones, I would love to discuss it.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Looks great, Christian! I feel like I'm not as familiar with Animated Storyboards as I am with animatics or animated trailers. I feel like I'm missing some part of the story- is there a way to add context? Or just clarify who the protagonist is and what s/he wants?

Christian Nommay

Karen "Kay" Ross Initially it was an animatic for the first version of Titan Effect animated series, long before it became a tabletop RPG. At that time, I was working with a producer from Quebec, but things didn't work out. This teaser is the only thing I managed to salvage from that experience, but I have learned so much from it.

As for the story, it focuses on a ferocious shapeshifting soldier who teams up with a group of super-powered spies to thwart the nefarious secret organization that created him from taking control of human evolution, while trying to avoid becoming what he sets out to fight against.

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