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I need help to setup my animation studio for producing animated movies, webseries and tv series. Can someone help me. In all what does it requires from start to end. From starting the business till distribution of the final product. Any book guide. Please send me an email :

Bob Harper

Check out these books

Dhruvaa H

Thank you so much..

Hagop Kane Boughazian

I can answer all your questions :) What do you want to know? Feel free to email me at

Andrés da Grava

im a music composer if you need

Corey Idleburg

Dhruvaa H I'm starting a production company as well. If you'd like to talk shoot me message. I'm all about helping others

Thomas Bailey

Hire the best people, provide them with the best work to work on, and pay them well.

The rest will solve itself.

Adite Banerjie

Hi Dhruva, keep us posted about your progress. All the best!

Wardan Tiple

All the best to you!

Heidi Schussman

Let me know when you have your studio up and running. I've got a full feature animation--a high concept Christmas screenplay. You can find it here or over at Script Revolution (The Legend of the Toymaker)

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