Animation : Anime? by JJ Smith

JJ Smith


Is anyone in here familiar with or work in Anime? I have a screenplay that's heavily informed by Anime, and I'm wondering if it would work as one. Any advice or readers in here?

Stephen Floyd

Well, anime is less about the style and more about the audience. How would you describe the target audience of your piece?

Faruku Sayyadi

yes. I did several jobs with Anime

Allen Stevenson

Stephen, did you ever get your answer?

Mike Romoth

It would really depend on who you wanted to pitch your project to and who the market would be. If you are interested in developing your ideas into something you can look at to see for yourself and make your pitch a lot stronger, there are a bunch of fairly simple animation tools available for free on the internet. Some of them are quite easy to learn. I'm a huge advocate of Blender, which is what I studied, but it's much more geared toward 3-D graphics for games and animation, although they do have some great new tools for 2-D animation (their "grease pencil for animation" elements)...which is more of an anime style. A quick search on YouTube for "Free animation/amine software for 2020" would bring up some results to guide you to something you are comfortable using. Believe me, whipping out a tablet with something people can watch, for an project like what you are talking about, would be gold. A picture speaks a thousand words. You might have something viewable with a few nights work. Then you'll have something you can show people and say, "Hey. This is my idea." Put in the time and you'll have something to pitch. My two cents. Good luck, man. We're all here to make our way.

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