Animation : Any animators here use Adobe Animate? Toon boom? by Salvador Rios

Salvador Rios

Any animators here use Adobe Animate? Toon boom?

Hello friends!

Adobe animate Vs Toon Boom? What are your thoughts?

I’m looking for help animating a series of 2-3 minute shorts. The first episode has been voiced by professional actors and it’s currently being animated by one of my team members using Adobe Animate for now but we may jump over to toon boom at some point.

It’s a passion project that we’re all having fun playing with but we need help to turn these around a little faster and would love to find the right program and additional animators.

The animation is simple but we just need extra hands with backgrounds and character work. If you are interested and can be reliable... please reach out to me!

We are all professionals who live in LA and are committed to seeing these through to the end.

Would you like to join us on this fun ride?

I’ve placed a job posting on stage 32 as well. You can check my list if producing credits on my profile or IMDB if you’d like.

Hope to hear from you!!!

Bob Harper

I will die using FLASH - er uh Animate . Toon Boom is a great program but too many pats for this old dog to learn and too pricey for me. Good luck with your project.

Salvador Rios

Hahaha what do you like using? Any programs you recommend ?

Bob Harper

I use Adobe Animate - ever since it was Macromedia Flash 4. It serves its purpose for me. As far as software goes, it really depends on the style and purpose. If you are doing flat cutout puppet stuff like SOut Park - Flash is great. If you are going for more of a traditional 2D look, then Toon Boom has more tools for that purpose - but it is pricier and more difficult to learn. If you are doing series then Toon Boom has better asset management but can take longer for asset setup and you will need more powerful computers than with flash. Toon Boom has built-in tools for post, but the Adobe Creative Suite has more robust tools combined. If you are doing CG and want to save money then try Blender, which can do 2D shading, but it takes a bit to learn but it is FREE. It's all up to you.

Vincent Turner

I got you DM for help

Simon Turnbull

Got a onesheet or a script or something?

Kilian Muster

You might want to look in to Moho as well. Very capable package and no subscription. The development pace could be faster though. I just found that the IK chain is superior to ToonBoom Harmony, and stuff like smart bones is simply amazing in Moho.

Theo Bessios

Hey Salvador, I could help with backgrounds. I use Photoshop. You can see my work in my animated short Peekaboo:

Let me know what you require exactly, my email:

Kevin Jackson

Toonboom online because it's used more widely in the industry and has a lot of features. I am originally a Moho Pro animator myself

Karen "Kay" Ross

I love this question, and I just love the supportive responses! Great work, S32-ers!

I wish I was more help, but I'm afraid the extent of my animate knowledge ends at Adobe Premiere Pro and AE, although I did have a chance to play with the beta of Adobe's Character Animate program. You know, it's the one they used to do a live Q&A with Homer Simpson? LOL! #FunTimes

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