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Florin Şumălan

Batman The Animated Series - The Heart of Batman Documentary

Ralph Soll


Florin Şumălan

Damian Lloyd, I don't think I am trying to grow my rating, but I don't know...maybe you are right; I could have some hidden intentions behind this - like being famous or being one of the top contributors (I may be caught in these - perhaps not good intentions and I may not realize this), but I don't know if I want these things.

I made some kind of habit. When I find somewhere else content about filmmaking, I share it here and maybe other places that are linked to filmmaking. Not all the time, but many times; I think this can be good, because other people see that too. I was glad when I found something that someone else posted. Other people may be glad too if they find that. This sharing can be a good thing.

This is a link shared by someone else on Facebook. I watched this yesterday, I liked it and I shared it here - some people may want to watch this and like this like I liked it.

On this post, I don't know what else I could add in the description. It's not like the previous two posts. This has a big photo and a simple title that tells what the post is about. I think it's enough.

Again - if I did something wrong, I want to see that and do things right.

I want to be open to good criticism (which I don't think I am very much; I am tempted many times to get mad when I see comments like yours) but to criticism just for the sake of criticism - I think it's stupid and I am not interested in that.

Karen E Ross

Hey, Florin Şumălan! Thanks for sharing this! Sandeep and I were just talking about how much we enjoyed this series and how noteworthy the creation process was. Sometimes we oversimplify things being made because they are intended for children, but as creators, we know if we honor the intent of the material and open it up for all collaborators to really contribute, we have the potential to make something that resonates universally. There is no greater honor than that.

Admittedly, I would love to see a prompt with your links so I know what you want to talk about, too ;-)

Karen E Ross

Florin Şumălan - For future reference, if you include text in the body and then end it with the link, it will still load the video in the post. So you could edit this to be:

Subject: Batman The Animated Series - The Heart of Batman Documentary (as you already have done)

Body: Hello! I found this great documentary on Batman the Animated Series and wanted to share it with you. [You can even share why you loved the series and what you were hoping to learn by watching the doc]. I loved learning [this part from the doc] - what was your favorite part?


and click POST!

So... what was your favorite part? :-D

Florin Şumălan

Hello, Karen E Ross. Yes, I think Damian Lloyd was saying something like you are saying. But I think don't feel very good about this. I posted here on Stage 32 like I usually post on Facebook - almost every time without any big description. I just post something that I like or I think it's good and if someone wants to watch that - fine, if not - fine.

If it is required to do like so, then I will try to do that, but I think it feels like I am forcing myself to do some things that I don't want to do.

Maybe it's my mistake and I could try that, because in that way some engagements and conversations from people would come out...but I don't know if I want many conversations. If they are important, then yes, but if not, I don't want to talk just to talk.

I think it was nice in these past weeks to have these little conversations with you and Sandeep Sharma; with Damian too (even if those comments seemed negative, but maybe they weren't...maybe Damian had his reasons).

I will take in consideration what you said and I will think about that, maybe I will even try to do how you said, but perhaps only once. Anyway, if it is required to post like that, please tell me.

Have a good day - Karen, Sandeep, Damian and all the people on Stage32!

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