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Matt Ip Shaw

Budget Breakdown

Hey all! I am looking to produce an animated series and I am starting to create a budget. The only problem is, I've never done an animation before. Would anyone have access to some kind of budget that I can look at as a reference? I want to know exactly how it is broken down and how much is allocated to each position or role.

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Richard F Roszko

The best place to get a "budget and breakdown" is at Just search on that or similar terms. Ask each provider if they do animation since most only do live action. Check out their credentials, of course. They will need the script. Hopefully the ask for a Final Draft script, then you know they know what they are doing (most likely)...Each character costs money. Each voice costs money, etc. Many VO actors can do more than one voice. If they do one script, you should basically be able to figure out the ballpark for the rest of the series. It will cost you $70-$500 for their service. (And no, I have no budget and breakdown figures..)

Karen "Kay" Ross

To add to Richard's recommendation, if you need a reference for what roles and how many, look at the credits for a comparable series - same episode length, same network, same basic animation style (2D, 3D, etc.).

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