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Mercedes Street

Comic book

this may be a long shot but is anyone here a comic book illustrator?!

Rob Jones

I have friends who are but they're busy currently. You can find some on Reddits comic collaboration forum, DeviantArt, & And there are probably some other places/forums.

Erick Freitas

No, but I have a long list of friends who are. If it's a paying job, I'm sure I can find someone that suits your needs. Private message me.

Karen E Ross

Hey, Mercedes Street! You can actually search Stage32 for people based on what they list themselves as: Go To BROWSE at the top left, then MEMBERS. On the left panel, there is a dropdown box for occupations. Right now, the closest thing is "Concept Artist", but that could be a good way to start. They may expand on what they do in their bios to include comic books/graphic novels: hope that helps!

Simon Turnbull


Douglas Brown

Sorry I'm late in responding. I'm a storyboard artist, but I draw comics as well. I don't know if you've found a person to help you yet, but if not, message me.

Mel Cartagena

Hi Mercedes. I write and draw comics when I'm not making films, and make videos about it too.

I'm late to this message but if you haven't found anyone yet and want to know more about my illustration you can see my YouTube and looked at my LinkedIn portfolio. Thank you.

Karen E Ross

Also, Mercedes Street, if you're hiring, you can post a listing here:

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