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Mercedes Street

Comic book

this may be a long shot but is anyone here a comic book illustrator?!

Rob Jones

I have friends who are but they're busy currently. You can find some on Reddits comic collaboration forum, DeviantArt, & And there are probably some other places/forums.

Erick Freitas

No, but I have a long list of friends who are. If it's a paying job, I'm sure I can find someone that suits your needs. Private message me.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Mercedes Street! You can actually search Stage32 for people based on what they list themselves as: Go To BROWSE at the top left, then MEMBERS. On the left panel, there is a dropdown box for occupations. Right now, the closest thing is "Concept Artist", but that could be a good way to start. They may expand on what they do in their bios to include comic books/graphic novels: hope that helps!

Simon Turnbull


Douglas Brown

Sorry I'm late in responding. I'm a storyboard artist, but I draw comics as well. I don't know if you've found a person to help you yet, but if not, message me.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Also, Mercedes Street, if you're hiring, you can post a listing here:

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