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Karen "Kay" Ross

Concept Artists

Hey, Stage32ers!

I'm researching concept art, so I'd love to see your work! Comment with a link to your portfolio below.

Also, if you use a particular artist's site, would love those links as well! Thanks!

Rohit Kumar

I used to do sketches, painting but haven't got into that as professional level. I do have friends who are professional artists, but not really concept artists. I more lean towards conceptualization of idea, thoughts stuff alike. Now to recommend you someone worth while, check out a youtube channel called. FZDSchool.:



I know I know it feels like I'm patronizing you to only check this one. But hold on, you see you can check their profile both on Twitter and Instagram and find many Concept Artists they follow and whoever follow them too. Hope you got the trick to find many profiles on that genre. Wink Wink..

Best of luck :)

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