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Barbara Chepaitis

Curious about animation

I'm thinking of turning either a short script or a web series into animation. Though I'm a well-published author, and have optioned scripts, I don't' know much about animation, so I'm trying to find out all I can about the prospects. The short film is less than 10 minutes. The web series prospect is longer. Both are based on my published novels. I'd like to find out how to work with an animator on either.

Laurie Ashbourne

Being that you're not familiar with the myriad of animation skill sets, styles and processes -- and that it's for a short, I'd consider looking for an animation student -- the thing to realize is that all animators are artists so many have their own 'spec' projects, but you may be able to find someone where storytelling isn't there strong suit and they'd be willing to work with you.

Dwayne Conyers

Take a look at our animated projects:

John F Tupper

Animation is the most difficult of production options. Rather than film your actors against nicely chosen and lit backgrounds you have to create everything from nothing, down to the bones inside your characters, assuming you're doing 3D computer animation, and the controls to move those characters. Then, after all the storyboarding, asset creation and animation testing you have to make your animated characters act. All told a 10 minute animation may take a couple years, or longer to do, depending on the animation style. If it's traditional drawn animation or 2-d computer animation it may be easier and faster to do. Live action filming these days would be much faster. It should also be noted that a 10 minute animation is unlikely to be accepted into film festivals. Most animated shorts chosen for festivals are 2 - 5 minutes long unless they are amazing or ground-breaking. Best of luck - JT

Laurie Ashbourne

2D -- or hand drawn, takes 10x the manpower (not to mention artistry) which is why the majors have abandoned it.

Barbara Chepaitis

Thanks for all the info! This has been very helpful. Sounds like live action is the way to go for me.

Klas Holmlund

Check out Plotagon - not a pro tool but extremely easy to use.

Mark Ratering

looking for 90 min animation pieces Middle East Distribution

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