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Damion Gonzales

Damion Gonzales here - Let's do this.

Hi there everyone, post so be gentle lol. I'm the creator of T.A.S.K. The Animated Series, a globally influenced/centric superhero adventure project (think the original Teen Titans series with a more inclusive character set). I've pitched a Kidscreen and came really close to a co-pro a couple years ago. We have a really exciting trailer (which I won't post here as per rules) which was produced by Echo Bridge Studios down in Florida and we're ready to get back on the pitch circuit. Thanks for your time everyone and I'd love to hear from you! Oh look here's some artwork!

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Damion. Glad to connect with you. Cool concept art.

Damion Gonzales


Kai Omri

Looking good still!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Exciting stuff, Damion! We've actually been watching the series Titans of late. Which Teen Titans version are you comparing it to?

Are you making your project as a comic book first and then a series? Where are you thinking for it, Netflix?

Also, you should totally post your link on your profile and in the Your Stage Lounge! Technically, you can share links in the topic lounges so long as it leads to a bigger conversation than "what do you think?" or "look at what I did!" LOL!

Damion Gonzales

Thanks Karen. Will do. OK, answers.. I'd compare my "show" to the Teen Titans series that ran from 2003-2006, with a dash of Justice League Unlimited. The funny thing is that I avoided doing a comic for awhile but I'm in the middle of production of our 1st issue now. I am thinking Netflix (I mean who isn't?) . Mainly because they are not entangled with a superhero IP of their own, a'la Disney/Marvel or HBO/DC.. I'll post the trailer in my profile and the Your Stage Longe. Hope you get a chance to look at it. I think you'd like it.

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