Animation : Developing a new animation technique using real time lighting effects inside of Motion. by Randy Strong

Randy Strong

Developing a new animation technique using real time lighting effects inside of Motion.

Just wanted to share a technique that I've been working on for awhile and see if any other animators out there are using this technique. I animate with Motion using the replicator and then using the real tictsme lights to animate the surfaces for subtle movement effects along with with subtle key frame adjustments to create surface changes. The effect is quite good and comparable to 3D with a faster result. I'm interested in seeing if I'm not the only one using this technique. Great for talking charactlers because lip adjustments can happen quickly and subtle movement is more real looking.

Randy Strong

that's real time lights. My m key got stuck.

Armando Fierro

thats a cool idea. are you focusing the light change only on the areas you're animating?

Randy Strong

Yes just subtle position changes with intensity changes can create very nice skin movement.

Carrie Hawks

sounds like a good concept. I haven't used motion before, just AE and C4D.

Randy Strong

Apple did a great time optimizing for the GPU so the real time lighting, shading and environmentals with a fast enough MacPro can do just about anything. I'm waiting on my new MacPro to start this technique in 4K resolutions to create a feature length animation in 4K.

Laurie Ashbourne

Randy, those new MacPros look amazing -- let us know how you like it.

David Andrade

Sounds cool. Do you have a video?

Sloane Warren

do you have a sample?

Thomas Carruthers

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Elaine Haygood

I'm actually developing a couple of Motion Comic Projects that I think I'll see if I can use that on.

Aaron Nichols

Is there a sample online to view the effect?

Randy Strong

I've got a few characters designed and now working on a short 5 minute film with backgrounds and lighting. I'm recording my own voices and transforming the audio into a more cartoony sounding voice. No real budget outside of self funding. Once this is complete I'll post a sample for those interested.

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