Success Stories: SEP'13 Emmy win for Son

Patricia Hickman

Emmy win for Son

Son wins Emmy for Archer, Best Animated TV show. Jared is lead animator for the TV show Archer. Here he's posing with Emmy at the Floyd County Productions studio.

Patricia Hickman

One for the IMDb

Dan MaxXx

Right on!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia Hickman

He was a fun child to watch grow up.

Natalie Farst

That is awesome!!!!! You must be sooo proud!!

Sadie Dean

So cool! Congrats!!! Archer is definitely an awesome animated show.

Nelle Nelle

Congrats! I love Archer. It's really a great show. Nice to see the recognition.

Patricia Hickman

Agree, JL Ivory. They've had 3 nominations, but finally a win. We're thrilled for the whole FCP team. They're a fun group of professionals.

Melissa Butler


Aray Brown

Congrats! I love the show

Richard "RB" Botto

Great stuff, Patricia

Erik Grossman

That's amazing Patricia, congrats!!

Thomas Jenkins

Congrats! That's the best Emmy pose I have ever seen :)

Brittani Harris

Wow! That is awesome!!

Christian Pius

This is so great! So much hope for us...

Nick Ferwerda

congrats!! What an amazing thing to put on the reel!!

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