Animation : Feedback on latest animation - a lyric music video ... by Yvonne Haugen

Yvonne Haugen

Feedback on latest animation - a lyric music video ...

My latest lyric music video ... this time drawn in illustrator and photoshop, instead of my usual claymation. I would love to hear your honest feedback! Thank you ♥

Denis LaBrie

Great I dig it! Nice work my friend!

Yvonne Haugen

Thank you so much! Any advice? Would you have it any different?

Demiurgic Endeavors

Like the song. Just wished the still of the woman was animated instead of animated text. Nice job on keeping the text in sync with the song.

Yvonne Haugen

Thank you! Yes, I hear you, but because this is a lyric video, I felt that the visuals' main purpose was to enhance the text, and not overshadow them. This is why most of the time it's mainly the text that moves. My assumption was that further animation 'around' the text would take attention away from the lyrics, but I could certainly be wrong abt that. What do you think? - Thanks for caring!

Egypt Reale

I like it - I especially like the way you kept to the theme of the song feel with the visuals and the text. My advice from a Directors point of view would be to - keep to your "lyric" / text communication an emotion. You did a great job of matching up the song lyrics and keeping us very aware of what the song is saying - I - personally would love to see more communication of the emotion involved in the song. The actual message of the lyric - these are the things that pull an audience in - things that we can relate to - we relate to emotion and communication - not words. Hope this helps.

Yvonne Haugen

Thank you Egypt! I love your comment - something of an eye opener, in fact; I didn't actually consider that even a lyric video can be too literal... This kind of advice makes me wish I could someday collaborate with you on a project. (Seriously: Please let me know if ever that could be interesting to you! - ) :)

Egypt Reale

Sure we can collaborate - I'd like that.

Yvonne Haugen

Lovely! Think of me if you ever need stop motion :) Have a great weekend!

James David Sullivan

What does a fish out of water say? Take me down to the river! ;-)

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