Animation : Freelance or Staff? by Jonathan Bliss

Jonathan Bliss

Freelance or Staff?

I have been a freelance animator for over two years now. A studio I have worked for in the past approached me for a staff position. I have done really well as a freelancer and will make slightly less money as a staffer. However the prospect of steady work intrigues me. I know it a decision I have to make on my own but I was wondering what anyone else s thoughts on Staff vs Freelance are.

D.K. Upshaw

It depends on your individual priorities. Does steady work mean more to you than the money? Do you enjoy your freedom and more money? Think about it and decide what's good for you.

Thomas Ferranti

Why not do both? Freelance using a pseudonym.

Jennifer DiMarco

This was a decision I was faced with, Jonathan, and D.K. certainly hit the nail on the head: It all comes down to individual priorities. My final decision was made by looking at my work flow -- over a year, how many "slow periods" were there when bills were tricky to meet? Sure, freelance work always picked back up (and annually made more than the staff position I was considering) but those slow times were tough and stressful. If your freelance is steady and as stress-free as being self-employed can be (LOL!), then you may have your answer.

Jonathan Bliss

Thanks for all your advice.

Thomas Ferranti

sometimes a job can become worth more than what they pay you. Will it lead to new exposure and connections and experience that you couldn't get otherwise?

Karen Keslen

Really hard to say. Sometimes be freelance is better, sometimes be staff is better. As freelance you have more liberty, but as staff you have more job stability. You need to work the way that you like and makes you happy.

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