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Bob Harper

Getting My Animation Team

I was asked by our fearless leader, RB, to post how I got my animation team together. My situation is probably more convenient than most people here, but I'll touch on what you can do if you want to start producing animated content with others.

I have been working in the animation industry in LA for roughly twenty years. Along the way I met and made friends with a variety of professionals whose skills complemented and expanded my own.

Now, I know most folks are not in a location that has a lot of accessible professionals or are working in the industry to meet some.

But sites like Stage 32, Meetup, LinkedIn can start giving you that access. You'd be surprised who you might find in your own back yard that also has the same interest. And if you can't find local people, the beauty of today's technology is that you can work with people from all over the world.

Although most of my team is local, we rarely all get together physically - even before the coronavirus shutdown. We also work with people from other states and countries. So, reach out and find folks who are likeminded and start building those connections, and with their connections, build a team.

The trick is to have a sense of unified goals, agreement on leadership and fairness to all of those who are going to be part of your team/business. Trying to get people to animate your idea for no pay or no ownership in the property will not get you far. Discuss with your prospective partners what would be fair for everyone's contribution and time.

You'll have better luck by doing your research and develop a strong plan of action and how that will result in everyone benefiting in some way to help make your content. The days of "let's just put it on YouTube or in Film Festivals and see what happens!" are over.

Learn about financing, distribution, marketing, etc. Also, learn how to package and present to the companies that can help with all of the above.

The good news is that if you are reading this, you are already on the best site to start making this a reality. You also have one other resource to help you on your way - me! Feel free to ask any questions on this thread you may have and I'll give the best answer I can.

So don't anyone, especially yourself, stop you from making your animation dreams come true!

This is the spirit of Stage 32

Sandeep Sharma


Thanks so much for taking the time to write the post and being a source of inspiration and support.

Juan Atomz

Thanks Bob. I think I follow u on every social media platform there is. Love ur work!

Bob Harper

Thanks, Sandeep! Thanks, Juan that means a lot. What's your social media handle so I can follow back if I haven't already!

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