Animation : Growing a Successful Production Company by Corey Idleburg

Corey Idleburg

Growing a Successful Production Company

Working with some friends to create a production company that specializes in 2D and 3D animation. What are some things we should be doing to ensure the success of the company? I understand this is a broad question, just looking for tips and tricks from the field on running a business, financing, recruiting, finding clients etc.

Whatever experiences you've had please share.

Heidi Schussman

Have you worked for a production company specializing in 2D and 3D? When starting any business, it's best to make your mistakes with people who can guide you. For example, when my husband decided to open a vending machine business he went to work for two different vending companies for a couple of years, then he started his own company.

Sergio Portella

You should make a deal with me; I got the screenplay to set minds free from all manipulation and lies.

Bob Harper

Try to get a good lawyer to advise you on how to set things up and make sure everyone is covered legally and on the same page.

Erick Freitas

A good lawyer is very important... But a business plan of how you're going to make money is even MORE important.

Karen "Kay" Ross

How is the new production company going, Corey Idleburg? I'm not sure if it was mentioned before, but you should definitely have a way set in stone for how to distribute and make money. Lots of production companies make their money before production starts.

Corey Idleburg

Karen "Kay" Ross Everything is good so far. Working on a few animated projects and developing a fiction podcast. Had to step away due to work obligations, but the rest of the crew is handling things well. Thanks for asking

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