Animation : Hair Love - Oscar-Nominated Short Animated Film by Bill Costantini

Hair Love - Oscar-Nominated Short Animated Film

Don't know if you saw the Oscar-nominated short animated film Hair Love, but it sure is a great film. Much kudos to Matt Cherry and team, and best wishes at the Big Show on Sunday night. It's also great that Hair Love has already helped open some new doors to Mr. Cherry. Here's a link to it in case you haven't seen it:

Best fortunes in your creative endeavors, all!

Evelyn von Warnitz

Loving it!

Raymond Zachariasse

Loved it. And great to see traditional animation is taking off again.

Bill Costantini

Glad you loved it. It is a great film, and was very worthy of the award it received last night. Much kudos to the team!

Best fortunes in your creative endeavors, Evelyn and Raymond!

Raymond Zachariasse

I love animation. Aside from writing, I’m also an illustrator, so these kind of movies inspire me. I wrote a book for kids which I’m hoping to develop in an animation. I was going for live action, but animation just fits better

Derek Reid

This was really well done! And lol at the "hair-boxing" scene!

James Karl Fischer

Amazing production, it has the sweet story and the animation really carries it. I don't think would work in other formats nearly as well.

Epic Acg

love this short

Raymond Zachariasse

Bill Costantini thanks. I hope this movie inspires a lot of other creative people

Michael Cawood

And well done to director, Everett Downing.

Candice Delevante

Hi Bill, loved this one. Beautifully done:)

Kevin Jackson

Amazing film

Dinesh "Dee" Alvis

Wow this is so cool.

Arafa Al-Mughairi

Absolutely beautiful!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Bill Costantini I LOVE this film, and I love that Issa Rae got involved! Thanks for sharing! I hope Sony keeps creating such diverse and heart-warming stories (right, didn't they do Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse as well?).

Claude Gagne

A viewer doesn't need many words to grasp the meaning behind this story. Very well done. Kudos, to all. After finishing my animation screenplay and posting it here, it would be nice to find out how long it took from the script to its realization. I bet 6:47 minutes took a very long time indeed! Problem is, the kids will want more. Bravo!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Claude Gagne I feel like the appropriate response is "leave them wanting more" LOL! Have you already posted your animation screenplay? How can we help you in your process?

Claude Gagne

I don't know, how it works out there. Yes, I have it on my logline section. Have a read if you want.

Bill Costantini

Glad you all enjoyed it!

Karen E Ross: Columbia/Sony did co-produce Spider-Verse with Marvel/Disney. I remember reading a while back that they had something like 150 animators work on that film. That must be a really nice piece of art to watch, and especially in a 4DX theater seat. (I didn't see it.)

Stay safe, all, and best fortunes in your creative endeavors!

Bill Costantini

Oh man....I forgot to put this in my original post. He was originally seeking to raise 75K to make Hair Love, and ended up with 285K. Just to show how "yes, it really can happen....":

Stay safe, all, and best fortunes in your creative endeavors!

Karen "Kay" Ross

OMG Bill Costantini this is giving me goosebumps! Reading their campaign is like a masterclass unto itself! THANKS FOR SHARING! Actually, would you share this on the Fundraising Lounge as well, and see if people there would also appreciate this success story? I know I have!

Bill Costantini

Karen E Ross: Sure....I'll do it now.

Stay safe, and best continued fortunes in your creative endeavors, Karen!

Karen "Kay" Ross

This post and this film make me so happy... Thanks again, Bill Costantini!

Christian Nommay


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