Animation : Help! What genre is my animation if it has a little bit of everything? by Zane Wickman

Zane Wickman

Help! What genre is my animation if it has a little bit of everything?

I'm about four character bio. rewrites away from my 2nd go at pitching my Animation concept FREAKSTYLE to someone in the Pitch Sessions. I believe that I'm made all the necessary updates (based on the feedback from the first submission) with the exception of one. My animation doesn't just fit in one genre, it has a little bit of everything; there's lots of action but it's a drama-of-sorts: has suspense, comedy, family matters, etc. Anyone have any ideas on how to take something that has a little bit of everything and express it in a way that a reader should comprehend in one sentence or less?

Bob Harper

Figure what show or movie fits closest to your project and go with that. There doesn't have to be one specific genre. Something can be a Horror/Comedy or Dramady or a

Sci-Fi/Thriller. Your logline should be enough to convey the idea without having to label the genre. If you do not have your logline solidified, then you are going have a hard time pitching.

Zane Wickman

Thanks for the much needed advice Bob! I It will be put to use. I have a decent LOGLINE:

"Righteous aliens transform six Earthlings into superheroes. To liberate humanity from evil shape-shifting aliens, which secretly rule Earth and are eating people!"

The body of my pitch provides specifics (detailed OVERVIEW, protagonists and antagonist descriptions,)and more (spec. artwork). I would say this is a Sci-Fi/Drama? Regardless I'll get around to this in due time. The reason I asked was I received this on my first (post) submission:

"STAGE 32 Pitch Feedback:

It's an interesting and unique concept / world. There seems to be some long term story drivers which is good. The characters all have solid backstories. I was a bit unclear about the united goal for all of them and exactly how they work together toward that goal. That aside, my biggest struggle was from a marketplace perspective. It seems to be an adult skewing animated show that's action based. It's not anime and not comedy. So it's tough for me to see at what outlet it might live. "

I've answered the "what is the united goal" and "how they work together" questions (just need to make them more apparent in the overview & character bios), I was just a little lost on the genre because it has a little bit over everything; Sci-Fi definitely, with a little bit of everything else sprinkled in (Just like in X-files, or Supernatural), all dependent on what the heroes are dealing with: fighting aliens, real personal challenges that views can relate to (e.g. phone call that a relative is sick), maybe a comedic situation (silly conversation between the heroes and public). So as you can see it's not just a one-off, it's a hybrid of sorts. Regardless thanks again!

Bob Harper

The story elements you mention such as calling a sick relative, silly conversations etc. do not define your genre. Everything from horror to documentaries can have these elements.

For instance Star Wars would not be considered a comedy, because C3PO and R2D2 kid around, nor would it be considered a family drama with the whole Skywalker saga built int. It's overall theme is action, SciFi/Fantasy for a general audience.

Your concept is similar to Strikeforce: Morituri. If your overall tone is serious, then play up the action side. Your Genre would then be Sci-Fi/Superhero . You might consider making it into a graphic novel first and establish it as a property as the feedback about marketability isn't completely wrong, or consider making it live action or anime.

Good luck.

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