Animation : How to commission a pitch bible of an Animated Series. by Ashutosh S. Jayakar

Ashutosh S. Jayakar

How to commission a pitch bible of an Animated Series.

Hi Stage 32 members ! First post here, so still trying to figure out. Hopefully it is in the correct lounge.

Couple of things:

1)I have developed a pitch bible for an animated series, how can I approach the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime or others or for that matter any other platform where it can get commissioned.

2)Should I 1st copyright the Bible before I circulate it? which is the best organisation to do so?

Would much appreciate for sharing your thoughts or guiding me through the right channel.

Thanks in advance,


David Boller

Easy answers to your questions:

1. You need an agent or manager to deal with the OTT platforms or ans studio for that matter. Unless you're connected, the best course of action is to produce a proof-of-concept and build an online following with webcomics, youtube channel etc.

2. No need to copyright is since you own the copyright through creation (laws in different countries vary). Also, unless your idea goes somewhere, it's just like all the other unproduced scripts, bibles and pitches. The value to you is more sentimental and emotional than monetary. If your're in the USA you can register your bible with the Library of Congress or send it to yourself in a sealed certified letter and not open it up.

Hope that helps...

Ashutosh S. Jayakar

Easy answers, I wish I could say that :)

By proof-of-concept, do you mean produce a pilot first Or just concept art of few hero characters and backgrounds would suffice, as I have those in the pitch bible..

I am an Indian citizen and the target audience I am looking at is from the West, so I was told for the US, WGA is a good place to copyright the Bible.

Any idea how I can connect with the agents ?

But, Thanks a lot David, its been very helpful. Appreciate it.

David Boller

You're welcome...look most of these scenarios are catch 22. You can'teally contact an agent until you have something done but you can't get anything done without an agent.

No a proof of concept is just a 1-2 minute teaser film that shows the look and feel of it. Of course, if this looks lousy, it could backfire but it it's great people will pay attention.

You're problem is that you're not connected. That makes a pitch bible not really a good starting point. Do something that people will notice and make connections...then people will ask to see your bible. But if you just send your bible to it won't get you anywhere.

Ashutosh S. Jayakar

True, I don't have direct connects in the places I would need them to be. Maybe I should try and look for some from my animation contacts and with whom I have worked before... Thank you so much for your time, its been pretty helpful. Cheers!

Kevin Jackson

I agree with David Boller I have been to Kidscreen and Mipcom and I have been getting some training in developing a bible for animation from experts in the industry and they say the same thing. You need an agent. OTT's are in demand so you cannot go directly to them and even if you can they usually give you a generic answer. Unless you are already well known.

The proof of concept as well seems to be very important in getting interest and traction.

The only other way I have heard will help is if you have a named writer or producer on the project. A name that will grab attention.

Ashutosh S. Jayakar

Thanks Kevin! It all makes sense..

Kevin Jackson

I would say look in online communities for actors and crew who want to work on a passion project. See if you can find them on forums like this. See if they are willing to partner and help you with a proof of concept. Make sure they are well fed and in some cases have transportation. When the pandemic is over, organize and get to shooting. Use this quarantined time to get the pre-prod out of the way so that when you get to meet them in person everything is figured out.

Get it done, have fun and hit the festival circuit. Another big tip I received is get a paid IMDB account and look up agents and find out what festivals they are going to and submit to those (When festivals come back online of course). You want to ensure they see your proof of concept and you get a chance to talk to them.

That's the best advice I can give. I am still learning myself, so I am sure more seasoned persons can give you advice better than mine. Just wanted to share the bit I have learned.

Ashutosh S. Jayakar

Great! Any info at this juncture is welcoming. I thought with concept art of characters/backgrounds and animatics it should suffice. but I guess thats not enough :) .. Thanks a great deal for your time.

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