Animation : How to find animators? by Raymond Zachariasse

Raymond Zachariasse

How to find animators?

So, if you are ready to present the world with your latest and final draft of you animated short, how to attract people in joining the adventure with you making the short? In short, how to find animators? :)

Bob Harper

What sort of budget do you have?

Raymond Zachariasse

Hi Bob, at the moment none. I am a book publisher, so I usually get the money from my other activities. I am still new with the screenwriting and directing part. So at the moment I am building my resume.

Desiree Argentina

Hi Raymond, I have also been looking for animators for a short I wrote. I came across these two websites. I think I am going to go this route:

Raymond Zachariasse

Desiree. freelancer sounds nice and easy, but so far I haven't gotten any gig from there. The other way around doesn't work either. The problem is that I had the perfect animator, but he quit :( So I am on the look-out again. The peopleperhour I don't know about. I will check that out. Thanks.

Obby O’Leeky

It all depends on budget and what level of animation you want. Professional animators will be very good but $2000/minute for highest quality work. I can recommend some. You can always bargain the price.

Obby O’Leeky

Also, per hour is a wannabee way of working. Per job is something that a serious animator will talk about with you. Depending on experience, it may take 1-10 hours to do the same thing. You want the job not the time they spend on it.

Obby O’Leeky

I am open for consulting, message me and I will answer honest and free, since I am still a dog character!

Scott Irwin

Hello:) I’m an animator but I think if you are looking you need to know what type of animator you will need, 3D animation, 2D animation, and then it even breaks down from there, do you want cut out style animation which is more cost effective but is a bit mechanical, or hand drawn which requires more people and work and ultimately costs more. As far as payment, it depends on who you work with, I’ve been paid hourly which is not out of the norm but a budget is the best way, you can even post in the toon boom forums , toon boom is an industry standard software, there you can find people as well

Raymond J. Negron

Raymond Zachariasse I'm Ray too, aren't we cool? Anyway, congrats on your animation short. I've written a feature animation and am looking to get some artists attached as well. I have found luck on IG with messaging artists who've given me some great connections.

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