I have (3) copyrighted screenplays that I would like to have animated.

I first posted it under SCREENWRITING with little help. Originally I wrote them to be live action. I do have an ANIMATION DIRECTOR at the moment and after he gets done animating our City & Suburban Motion Pictures logo I will of course go over it with him. However in the meantime do any of you talented, brilliant Stage 32 animators know of an article or even a book that will help us cost out the film. I realize when I have the funds a line producer is needed. However I feel I need some one who is an expert in animation both hardware and software to cost it out. For more info on this go to:


Mauricio de La Orta

Steven Harris Anzelowitz The price of your film will depend on various factors, but I'd say that the most relevant ones will be animation technique (eg: 2D or 3D), the complexity or simplicity of your visual style (the more realistic, the more expensive) and of course, your voice talent. As a reference, the cost to produce Jungle Shuffle was 10M, out of which approx. 5M went to voice talent.

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