Animation : I like to edit, and I love philosophical lectures and need advice on professional/career choice by Bart Poort

I like to edit, and I love philosophical lectures and need advice on professional/career choice

So here’s what I put together :) Curious about feedback, good or bad; my goal is to learn animation to eventually be able to create sequences like this completely on my own, at the moment it is more a fair use, inspired by them and putting my own ideas and spin on it sort of endeavor. Where is a good place to start for that sort of thing? I am lost, it’s not a lack of choice more an overabundance of choice and I do not know where to go... Internet information overload.

Claude Gagne

Are you the narrator in this short clip? If you are and want to be in animation like you said, and you figure there's an overabundance of choices, then what is your question? You seem to write fairly well! Where did you learn this?

Simon Turnbull

I like your intent. People who think deeply about the world should be the ones creating our culture.

You've already started, just go on,. developing skills so you can write and create your own material. If you aren't the sort of person who teaches themselves, then enrol in some animation course etc online. But it's going to be a long hard slog before you are creating stuff at this level.

It's a journey and a process to be enjoyed.

Bart Poort

Thank you friends ❤️ Its hard sometimes because nobody gets why I am doing this, but it’s the knowing inside that keeps me going, that eventually it could make a difference. I have been psychotic 2 years ago and fully recovered. I refused medication because I noticed it was more like the patients were lacking tools to communicate that type of mental perceiving and were they properly treated as equals it did not have to end in them spending a life on sedatives. I think it’s a tragedy and I just want to put stuff out there for the outcasts, because that’s me in a way :)

Bart Poort

I also upload what other people had done, but got deleted or removed somehow. Youtube is politically motivated so just to be sure I save the good ones :)

Bart Poort What he’s talking about shocked me so much I went a bit crazy, and nobody helped me. Since that, I never forget and eats at me

Bart Poort

To reply to if I am whos talking?, it was Alan Watts, whom is a fantastic speaker. Check him out! I’m 27 years old, unemployed, and really, because I have found a college loan debt not worth a study I could get for 10€ in a public library something I just did not want to go along with, and decided to make use of the infinite information available for free online. I am a good thinker perhaps, but less good at articulating them, which is why I have so much gratitude to people that are able to so I figure, what I CAN do very well is think symbolically and I know how to edit, so my idea is to combine philosophy with visual to make it more attractive to people who may need it but we live in a time where people do not really read anymore etc. But ey do watch movies, clips etc :) Hope that answers the question. Also, I have a high school diploma only. I am completely self taught. And I’m a religious person so to tell you the truth I can’t take the credit for certain guidance

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Bart Poort

Made something.. uh different today, wasnt planned

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