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Craig D Griffiths

I need advice

I want to animate one of my scripts to help work out some pacing issues. This there a simple bit of software I can use? Perhaps with standard characters, etc. I write because I can draw as good as I fly, I need the help of tech and talented people. Thanks in advance.

Jamaal R. James

Go to and find some animators, or go to your local art school and place ads and let them know what you need. You can try craigslist as well. Flash is very easy to use. But there is other software out there. Maybe have someone do some storyboarding for you so you can see what your concepts look like. Hope this helps.

Craig D Griffiths

Thanks for the suggestions. I have access to some people that will help with the voice acting. I was looking some anminactics, storyboards work well for me in story dev and even devising visual elements. Normally vocals gives me pacing. But this is a very visual script.

Laurie Ashbourne

A storyboard can certainly help with pacing. You can record your own voice (on phone or computer) if it's just a timing thing and use that recording in storyboard software, there a ton of options some free. I did a write up on some of the options a while back, but I'm sure there have been more to enter the space since. Even Amazon Studios has a free story board tool now. Here's what I found a while ago:

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