Animation : In need of assistance (Producer) by Cee Whirx

Cee Whirx

In need of assistance (Producer)

Hi Stage32ers, Cee here. Well, I'm getting ready to start development on my animated film project, but now I need help getting a producer involved to get this future production off the ground. If you know someone, please share a comment

Jackie Tarascio

What kind

Cee Whirx

Jackie, I'm glad you asked. I'm looking for a solid producer, like Guillermo Del Toro or James Wan.

Kumar Sambhav

Mike DISA he is right here on STAGE32

Karen "Kay" Ross

Cee Whirx I think Jackie means are you looking for a Creative Producer (to help you package and pitch your project), an Executive Producer (to help you secure or provide funding), or a Line Producer (to breakdown how the money will be spent and what resources you'll need to complete the project).

If you're looking to pitch your project to a big name producer, I second Kumar's rec - check out our available pitch sessions here:

Cee Whirx

You know what? I need help finding a creative producer

Karen "Kay" Ross

@Cee - Awesome! I'm glad I could help you clarify that! Now, I would suggest starting to assemble your pitch, even if you find a Creative Producer to help you fill in those gaps. Definitely check out Stage 32's Pitching Guidebook to help you structure your pitch: That way your ask can be very specific (e.g. I need a Creative Producer to review my script and recommend a budget range, a few good networks to pitch to, a target audience, and possible cast to elevate the project). The more specific the ask, the more singular the task, the more likely you'll find collaborators who can help.

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