Animation : Inquiry on steps to getting a feature animation produced by Craig Stein

Craig Stein

Inquiry on steps to getting a feature animation produced

Hi, I am trying to find out what the 5 or 6 (or maybe 7 or 8) milestones are that need to be reached in order to go from feature animation "verbal concept" all the way to getting a feature animation produced and shown on the big screen. Many thanks in advance for your assistance in helping me understand this process. Craig

Bob Harper

To put it bluntly - MONEY! Get money and you can make your film.

Seriously though, there are many ways to get an animated feature made, just like in live-action. The big studios have different pipelines and independents have a "do whatever it takes" approach.

But if you want basic bullet points here they are:

1. Pre-Production

a. Concept/idea

b. Script/Storyboard

c. Design

d. Layout

e. Casting/Voice Recording

f. Animatic

2. Production

a. Animation

3. Post Production

a. Music and Sound FX

b. Compositing

c. Editing

d. Quality Control

e. Deliverables

4. Distribution/Marketing

There are books that can give you more in-depth insight.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Craig Stein! I wish there was an easy answer, but if there were, they wouldn't be offering degrees to learn it. The basics are: Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Marketing, Distribution, Exhibition. This is true for all films, though.

I would highly suggest checking out some of our webinars that can help answer how that applies to animation. This was a recent rountable discussion:

This one actually breaks down the process from script to screen:

Let us know how it goes!

Steven Vandrilla

Agree with Bob... no matter how good every aspect of producing a story to animation... no money feature.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Bob Harper I finally saw the rest of your list, and that's an AMAZING answer, sir! I would love for you to start a post in the Animation Lounge, if you're willing, to help breakdown that little area that is very specifically different for Animation Pre-Production/Production, from Storyboard (which is familiar) to Animation (which is the full departure from live-action). Any part of that you wish to expand on?

Craig Stein

Bob Harper thank you so much for taking the time to write this comprehensive and super helpful response. Very much appreciated!

Karen "Kay" Ross thank you so much for your response as well and the helpful links...

Bob Harper

Hey Karen - I am actually in the early stages of planning a series of blogs discussing the animation feature process as a behind the scenes look as I make an animated film. Hopefully debuting early 2021.

Karen "Kay" Ross

WHA?!? That's awesome! Is this for Stage 32?

Bob Harper

I am still in the early stages of planning how I want to distribute it.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Bob Harper I would say write everything out and then touch base with Taylor, our Director of Content, about how you'd like to distribute it. My thought would be to do a boiled down/overview for Stage 32 and then have the full-length version elsewhere, but check with her:

Bob Harper

Hey Karen - sounds good. I am talking with some people which I cannot divulge publicly at this time. I'll message you what's up and see what we can do.

Erick Freitas

Would love to see those blogs, Bob!

Michael Johnson

Hey Craig, it's easier than you think, I've made 4 feature films, I check your messages.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Michael Johnson! Wow, congrats on your feature films, that's awesome! Would you concur with Bob Harper 's first comment which included an animation production workflow? Anything you would add or elaborate on?

Heidi Schussman

Michael, I just checked out your animation. I'm impressed with the facial expressions. Well done.

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