Animation : Let's Brainstorm a Challenge: If YOU Were Hiring for the New Avatar Studios by Karen "Kay" Ross

Karen "Kay" Ross

Let's Brainstorm a Challenge: If YOU Were Hiring for the New Avatar Studios

This previous thread is based on the latest announcement about the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender starting their own studio in pursuit of continuing telling stories between the end of ALTA and Korra ( BUT...

A very good question came up which was ARE THEY HIRING?! I don't know, but what if they were? What kind of spec would you put together to show them you can write, illustrate, or otherwise produce for them? LET'S BRAINSTORM A CHALLENGE (or five)!

Tony Byrd

I would do an Avatar anthology series.

Kumar Sambhav

my animation studio can make their shows look incredible,

Damion Gonzales

Karen "Kay" Ross Easy. Let's expand the world of Avatar beyond its Asian concentration. Dive into ancient Meso-American cultures like the Inca or the Maya. Journey and explore ancient cultures based on the ancient Mansa Musa period of Western Africa (Mali). These would present the show with new opportunities for stories, characters and bending abilities. What effect did the 100 year loss of the Avatar have on other cultures? Do these cultures have their own version of the Avatar? The physical action of bending (stances, body movements etc.) are based on various Eastern martial arts systems, what does the physical act of bending look like in the wider bending world? Just riffing lol. But there we go.

Christian Nommay

I share the same opinion as Damion. While I love Asian culture, I think it's time to see other types of historical cultures, and the world of Avatar is the perfect "playground" for this. If I was hired to write something for it, I would love the explore a "Solarpunk" version of Avatar, set in the far future.

Damion Gonzales

Christian Nommay that's also a cool direction to explore.

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