Animation : Looking for animation pilot scripts to read for research by Christopher Morrison

Christopher Morrison

Looking for animation pilot scripts to read for research

Hey, r'body! New here, but an experienced and produced screenwriter. I'm finally getting around to an adult animation 1/2 hour comedy that won't leave me alone. BUT. I'm mostly a feature/VR writer with some TV... I worked on an animation pitch for the UAE back in the day (totally weird gig, got it in an even weirder way) but never got to the pilot (and I'm sure things have shifted a bit).


Would anyone feel comfortable sharing an animation pilot with me (or even if you have someone else's... my googling ended up being fruitless [and I'm usually good at that].)

Thanks! And happy to be here!

Candice Delevante

Hey Christopher, welcome to S32. I enjoyed reading your profile. Sure, I have an animated pilot script if you'd like to check it out for research. Where should I send it?

Christopher Morrison

Thanks so much Candice! If you could drop it at: that would be awesome.

Candice Delevante

Sure, I hope it's helpful. It's on the way. Stay safe!

Arafa Al-Mughairi

That's so interesting about the UAE - I'm currently working there. I'd love to hear about it, wondering if it was a cultural disconnect or a difference in industry standard or just another interesting story altogether!

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