Animation : My cartoon animated video gets over 8 million views! by Nikola Tomic

Nikola Tomic

My cartoon animated video gets over 8 million views!

Hello World. Today I am happy to announce that my music video I've composed just for fun gets over 8 million hits! Take a look for Mommy Loves Baby [Mama Voli Bebu] video here:

Nikola Tomic

Btw here is English translation: Mommy Loves Baby (You're the Sun of Mine) // Мама воли бебу (2013) 媽咪愛寶寶 I am writing this because everything you see is produced by myself: music composing, graphics, animations and even Daddy [& Baby] singing :)

Luke Sokolewicz

Just watched the vid. Nice work and congrats!! I myself am toying with numerous animated screenplays. Would love to touch base if you're interested in my work. Thnx!

Kirk Johnson

We'd be interested in airing your work on our upcoming television network -

Nikola Tomic

No problem Kirk, contact me private on my profile.

Chad Mercree


Chad Mercree

How long did it take to make that episode? And how many people were involved?

Simon © Simon

I don't think he is the father though...

Michele Kaasen Rubatino

How amazing is that!

Nikola Tomic

I did everything except female voice :) Artwork, video, animation, music, sfx, singing... It took me ~1 month to finish with 2-3 hours of work per day.

Risto Huovinen

Funny animation, one happy family. Wonder what the lyrics were all about and tried to figure out what language that was anyway? I spotted the legendary "Amiga Ball" on that computer case, are you Amiga user by any change..? =)

Nikola Tomic

Yep I am [still] Amiga user [x1000 here]. Lyrics are on Serbian, but there is translation [and English video versions too - do a YT search] :)

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