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Ethan Ahlin

Need Help with Animation budget

Hey everyone. I have an almost completed budget plan, but I need help with a few things. I need to know what rates are per episode. Plus, I can't find out what certain roles are like Voice Director and Normal-pause-edit, etc. I will give the short list of what I need to figure out if anyone is interested in helping. Already spoke with SAG about it and they only give rates for actors. This is not my area of expertise. Please help. Thank you.

Prakash Kumararajan

Hello Ethan I can help you with Animation Budget.Can you share the Script it will be helpful.

Bob Harper

Without knowing the project you can't really say. US budgets can range from $200,000 to $500,000 per episode for cable cartoons like on Cartoon Network and can go up to a million per episode for prime time like The Simpsons. But if you don't know the process, or techniques used and how those impact costs then you shouldn't be putting together a budget. You should enlist some sort of producer that has experience with such matters.

Delor Sarmiento Lauchang

Hi, if you are looking to outsource your post production work on your project, please let us know, we can offer you quality output that wont break your bank. Our Digital Graphics Studios is in the Philippines. Thank you....we can also collaborate with you in making this a reality, we have 2D/3D Animation and VFX department that can work with you on your project, we can create storyboards and make sketches to match your story, if you're interested e mail me at

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