Animation : New animation! Marc Maron: The social media generation Animated by Shoukei Tam

Shoukei Tam

New animation! Marc Maron: The social media generation Animated

This is an animated version of its original comic by Zen Pencils. The original comic can be read here: Enjoy!!

Jim Nickley

good stuff!

David Andrade

Did you animate this? It's great!

Shoukei Tam


Janet Biery

Amen - intense. Really impressed by this. Do you ever take outside projects?

Shoukei Tam

Thanks. Yes, I do take projects as a freelance animator.

Janet Biery

Do you animate, then split the profits fifty-fifty on the resulting feature, or do you only do work for hire?

Shoukei Tam

Most of the time, I do work for hire.

Gary Craig

Shoukei, this is BRILLIANT! I have released 6 volumes of phony phone calls that would lend themselves to GREAT animations. Here's one that was done by another animator. You should contact me if you want to use the audio and see if we can sell the project! I am the talent on all of the calls. Here's one to check out

Janet Scott

The first clip sadly reminded me of the time I sat in A@E waiting to be seen with a broken wrist. The place was full, and just like your clip, all adults were on the cell phones... A child was seriously ill... and all his mother was interested in, was.... using her phone. Child waited two hours to be seen... It reminded me of how folk do ignore the kids in favour of socializing on their networks. Nicely done.

Janet Scott

That clip really made me think!

Debbie Elicksen

Love it.

David Andrade

Shoukei I'd love to know more about your process and breakdown. :)

Nate Wubu

Well done I like the sketch style

Kem Royale

Well done. This is a profound piece that reflectives Maslow's hierarchy of deficency needs theory. Maslow therorized that all humans have the need for: esteem, friendship and love. You did a well illustrated film with a superior narrative about social networks. Keep it up. Kem

Andre Hunt

I can see the future...portable curved screens showing 3- D hugs.

Randall Thomasson

A good social comment. I see that no matter how far the technology expands, the human condition will remain the same.

Jonathan Bliss

I like it! People share way too much info on social media. (I dont care what you had for dinner!)

James David Sullivan

The toilet-cam - a bright future awaits! ;-)

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