Animation : Pardon the lack of knowledge by Steven M. Cross

Steven M. Cross

Pardon the lack of knowledge

I don't know much about animation, and that will show with this question. I wrote an epic fantasy screenplay that would probably cost a fortune to make. It could also make a good animated film. I just wondered first, if fantasy is less expensive, and two, are animated films ever made from scripts meant to be live action?

Bob Harper

Hi Steven, for animated films, genre isn't the baseline for budget. It all depends on what you have going on. An animated version of Star Wars would cost more than an animated version of Dragonslayer - both fantasy. I know of some independent projects that started out as live action based on live action scripts, that turned animated. Many current live action films have so much CG that they are almost animated, so the definition of a live action script vs an animated script gets blurred. Most big animation studios, however don't usually buy a script from outside and make an animated film. They develop from within, usually with a director leading the story team and bringing in writers to help flesh it out .

Steven M. Cross

Thanks, Bob, for the information. I appreciate. Like I said, I'm not incredibly knowledgeable about some things.

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