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Damion Gonzales

Pitch Feedback

So I submitted my first Stage 32 pitch (written 2 pager). So for the benefit of other folks who are looking to pitch and might be wondering how harsh the feedback may or may not be, I offer my feedback as tribute (to borrow a saying).. 

Pitch Feedback: 

Hi Damion! Thank you for taking the time to send this pitch for T.A.S.K. The story sounds super fun, and I can totally see it working as a TV or comic book series. That said, I think for future pitches you should consider putting more in there to let your audience know what exactly it is about T.A.S.K. that makes it different from any other super hero shows/movies that are already being made. What makes T.A.S.K. like nothing else?

So. I think that went well for a first timer. What do you guys think?

Jerzy P. Suchocki

It sounds quite good and like you just have to add in your pitch that special thing that makes your work something else! I quite like the title, by the way! Seems perfect for a superhero project.

Damion Gonzales

Thanks Jerzy. Yeah, it looks like we need a few tweaks and some emphasis in places we might have overlooked. I'm happy with it.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Definitely a good review! Did the scorecard reflect similarly? Sometimes the written feedback is there to support what is indicated on the scorecard.

Damion Gonzales

Karen "Kay" Ross I think it did. 5's, 4's and one 3 (ugh) but that just means there are places to tighten up and the reviewer had it right I think. So time to tweak.

Kumar Sambhav

now I see the value of Mike disal's class, last week he's been saying the same thing.

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