Animation : Spectacular shots of outer space! by Vic Alexander

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Vic Alexander

Spectacular shots of outer space!

What's a cost effective way of getting spectacular shots of space for my feature film? I'm looking for slow moving planets. I have a spaceship model moving slowly through space. I need the backgrounds to make the ship look great. Contact me vic@ Releasing . net

David Lee Melton

Hi,Vic are you a director & producer?

Simon © Simon

Create them in Photoshop or in After Effects.

Mark Cabaroy

You can also go a stock shot website called shutter stock here's link with a clip of a planet Good Luck - If you need custom space shots You can try a website called People per Hour and post an ad they are based in the UK but a lot of people oversea will work for a very competitive rate that makes getting effect affordable. Here's a clip of some effects work I had done on my film from this website.

Joe Becker

Those are the best ways. You can create a 3D space and fill it with a star field using the software of your choice, or download stock footage. If you don't know how to do it, hire someone who can.

Andre Hunt

Cost effective...students. If you had a reel to look at, we'd have a better idea of what you mean by feature film

Mark Cabaroy

@Andre Hunt, I'm curious about where you would find good emerging student talent?

Andre Hunt

San Francisco Art institute. S.F. School of Digital Filmmaking. Comparable Art Schools in New York. Or, pick up an issue of Cinefex and look through the ads for effects schools.

Andre Hunt

You'd be surprised what you can do yourself with a slightly out of focus photo of a planet.

Andre Hunt

As I remember, the third Transformers film had the most stylized space shots ever, but because there was so much other stuff going on, (evilness, clanging metal, oil changes) it passed by without comment. Classic illustration style space with tremendous gas clouds, etc. Worth looking at as a reference of just what spectacular really means.

Geoffrey Duch

Hi Vic, I may help you to get your space shots for your feature film. I sent an email to Let's discuss!

Brendan Faulkner

Go on Nasa's website

Ron Brassfield

Hubble shots? Superimposed with 3D animations of planets against a transparent background? Ship against a transparent background superimposed over both?

Reflex Motion Control

Shoot model planets with your ship on a moco rig. Slow moving constant image speed means exponentially ramped camera speeds, i.e. As the camera gets closer to subject it gets slower and slower. With the right lenses, and a great model builder you could get realistic effects that outdo CG in terms of believability. If you can send me more details on your project we can advise on rig options and costs. We could also do tests if required.

Brendan Faulkner

Hubble shots in editing, ship against green screen

Joe Becker

STUDENTS - check the local film schools. Ask the faculty for recommendations. They'll point you to their most promising students. or contact me directly. my business partner does a lot of sic-fi CGI work. I'll connect you with him

Michael Accettura

Haha your best way would be students. I myself am a graduating student at cap and just last night I created a space shot just for practice and my reel. I'll upload a sample of it and send it your way

Mark Cabaroy

Well send some my way @ Michael Accettura, we're working on a web series and could always use fresh talent.

Andre Hunt

To Mark Cabaroy..I got a message from you, and will respond after Stage 32 processes my accept of your invite....takes a bit of time.

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