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Terrence Sellers

The Comic is Happening

I've posted in the past about the Xtreme Saga animated series. Episode 3 is on the way. I've already seen the a copy footage. But what I'm currently more excited about is the comic based on the same IP. We've partnered with a web comic studio to produce a 12 issue first run based on the Xtreme Saga novel I'm currently writing. Today I saw the first color draft of the first issue, and it looks great. I've already seen storyboards for issues 2 - 5 as well. I'm so happy that so many different kinds of content are getting produced based on my story.

Maurice Vaughan

That's pretty cool and exciting, Terrence Sellers! Looking forward to the comics.

Amanda Toney

This is fascinating Terrence. How does the creative process work when coming up with the comic?

William Schumpert

Congrats! I’ve been working on some manga (Japanese comics). It can take a long time but it’s worth it.

GiGi Raines

That’s incredible! Congratulations!

Terrence Sellers

Amanda Toney I'm not the project lead or even the writer of the comic. I wrote/am writing the novel the comic is based on. A web comic studio provided us a writer who reads the novel chapters I've written and then writes the comic. Then I read his pages, consult, and make edits. So I'm not really the person to ask about the comic production process. But as this is an adaptation, the comic pulls directly from the story I've written in another medium.

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