Your Stage : VFX Lighting Reel 2012 by Alastair Dixon

Alastair Dixon

VFX Lighting Reel 2012

Hello Stage32 Folk, Id really appreciate it if you could take 2mins to have a look at my latest VFX Lighting Showreel for 2012. Most of the work was created for TV commercials and Film whilst working at The Moving Picture Company (MPC) and Aardman Animations, including recent work done on "The Pirates! - In an Adventure with Scientists". VFX Lighting Reel: Please also take a look at my Blog & Portfolio: Here Ive added some of my personal DSLR videography work along with all the commercials and film projects Ive worked on to date. Please give my home page a "like" to help my website gain some popularity and recognition. I really appreciate your time. Many thanks, Ali

Rogério Perdiz

Cool reel! I've enjoyed it very much! Haven't see the Pirats yet, but will do. You've worked just on the lighting for these pieces or you also made other VFX?

Alastair Dixon

Thanks Rogerio, I'm primarily a Lighter but I'm also a Generalist, so I've done other things on the projects including modelling, texturing, shading and compositing. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the nice comment :)

Linda Meyer

That was a great reel. The lighting effects are great! Good Job.

Alastair Dixon

Thank you Linda :)

Shrikant Nasikkar

Nice reel! nice work in shading, material and lights.. enjoyed it very much.

Alastair Dixon

Thanks Macromotive Media, Im glad you enjoyed it :)

Jonathan Bliss

Wow Alastair, very sweet work! I

Alastair Dixon

Thank you Jonathan!

Johnny Blue

Checked out both your sites, very impressive thanks for sharing your gifts with us. If you need music for any of your demo projects I'd be happy to provide any of my songs (no charge)

Stephen Richard Melling

Awesome work. Really liked it. Although that song has been overused way too much in my opinion. Maybe its just beacause I've seen a lot of GoPro videos though. Good stuff!

Alastair Dixon

Johnny Blue Thank you for the very kind gesture! If I have any upcoming projects requiring a composer, ill let you know! Stephen Thanks for the comment, You're right about the track... I was inspired to use it when I first saw the main GoPro Hero2 promotional video! :) I actually went out and bought one as well!

Fredrik Blom

Really impressive! Great work indeed :)

Malcolm Carter


Amanda Toney

This is incredible

Graham P. Halky

Beautiful work. SO... what is your next step without hesitation?

Kym Stover

I don't know a lot about lighting, but I do direct/edit & it looked fine to me. Congrats on all your successes.

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