Animation : What am I doing? by Claude Gagne

Claude Gagne

What am I doing?

Hi everyone. I am rewriting my animation screenplay with a working title "Candy Rescues the Tooshones." It's a children's animation screenplay I wrote about eight years ago. It's in hard copy, so it gives me the chance to give it a complete overhaul. LOL. I just had my old Final Draft downloaded into this new desktop. 

It's about Candy Davis in her kindergarten years. While reading to her stuffed plush toys, she is called by two fairies to help the Tooshone children escape from the mean witch, Esmerelda. Find out how she does it? Is anyone interested to learn more about the screenplay before someone snaps it up? Now is the time. I'm sure this will keep the kids glued to the set.

I'm on page 4 so it will be a couple of weeks. No better time to stay inside. Stay safe.

Cab Bolton

Good luck with the rewrite and it's success.

Claude Gagne

Thanks, Cab. I'm halfway with the rewrite. I find there are too many remakes. I'm trying something new with having real live characters perform at the beginning, then when Candy dreams, everything changes to the animation, until the end when she has saved the Tooshone children from the mean old witch. I have another Scifi children's feature rewrite after this one. It'll be with all real live characters this time and CGI. Never a dull moment. Good luck with your writing. CG

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