Animation : What should I do with this? by Steve James

Steve James

What should I do with this?

A web animation has just been released that I performed a V/O for, and I have a copy. I think that ti would be a good addition to my website, but where should I put it? As a lone video on my audio demo reel page, or as a scene in my acting reel. Perhaps just on my video page as a separate 'scene'. Would love you talented people's input.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

As a writer-producer, I would say it should go on your audio demo reel. I would not quite know what to make of it if I saw it on your acting reel since I'd be looking to cast a live role.

Steve James

Thanks for the tip, Douglas. I have a page on my website for video segments that either don't make the reel, or are complete scenes, etc. I edited the scene down to highlight my scenes, and added the clip here:!steve-james-vancouver---actor-videos/c1jcd

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