Animation : What's in your Tool Box? by Michelle Eisley

Michelle Eisley

What's in your Tool Box?

Ok so here's a break from critiques or random solicitations. What do you use to animate with? Are there other tools or skills you'd like to learn? Let's get to know each other and talk a little shop eh? I like for 2D animation to stick to my tried and true After Effects. I like use the puppet tool, but also don't mind doing simple hand keyframe, and mesh/corner pining when I need to. I also like AE for my 2.5D workflow when doing matte paintings or set extensions. As always I know in this profession you can never stop learning, but I'd like to start playing with Toon Boom, when I can make the time. Has anyone here had a chance to get their mits on some Toon Boom action? 3D isn't really my jam if I have to animate, but I can do it...poorly. I'm better at lighting animations and compositing them, than animation. For 3D I use a bit of a combo, I know Maya and Mudbox (for texturing), but I'm learning Houdini, zBrush, Mari and Vue a little bit at a time on the side. My skill sets again are more towards comp and lighting, but as a freelancer you have to know just a little of everything to survive. I'm getting better though.

Katie Elle

I usually use TV Paint! Not many people here know how to work it so it's got a pretty high demand job wise. After Effects for post mostly. I stick to TV Paint where I can! Mimics old school paper 2D but with all the advancements of the digital age I guess haha.

Rachel Mersky

I've been dying to play around in TV Paint, but I just couldn't justify purchasing it right now. I typically use Photoshop for my 2D traditional animations because I am the most familiar with it, and it has the best drawing tools out of the programs available (besides TV Paint!). I love After Effects for motion graphics and post, but I've been focusing on frame by frame animation lately so I have been avoiding the puppet tool, but I do think that mixed with DUIK is magic!

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