Animation : animated episodic hard Sci-fi by Shawn Jackson

Shawn Jackson

animated episodic hard Sci-fi

Greetings to the Cast & Crew from sunny Vancouver.

What is the interest within the community for animated episodic hard Sci-fi?

No faster than light travel, no aliens, just humanity, and you know what a mess we can make out of the revolution

Kumar Sambhav

Shawn Jackson Hard Sci-fi is in demand. Netflix loves sci-fi.

Christian Nommay

From the information I've been able to gather from producers and animators, there are a lot of demands for this kind of project. There's definitely a huge boom in adult animation, and it covers almost every genre. I know that it would have been almost impossible to pitch the spy & Sci-Fi animated series I'm working on a few years ago, but today there are way more opportunities.

Shawn Jackson

Thank you for your feedback. I agree that the market is more open to these types of ideas.

Those who grew up with graphic novel sci-fi such as Juan Gimenez’s A Matter of Time and the Heavy Metal pulps can easily transcend animated stereotypical content. With modern 3D rendering, we push the boundaries in life-like production values combined with a liquid reality; there is no limit to bringing new ideas to life. Well, there are always production costs…

Christian Nommay

Technology has certainly evolved and democratized the tools to make animation. I saw amazing stuff made on Blender and there's gonna be soon an animated series using Unreal Engine. One thing is sure, we are gonna see some really amazing animated projects in the years to come.

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