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Just curious who is using what out there. We use Toon Boom Harmony for most of our 2D work. More recently we have started with MOHO which has some great features. After Effects is fine, but my god so slow and clunky to use, and no way near as nice as Toon Boom for character animation. Apple Motion i...

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I have (3) copyrighted screenplays that I would like to have animated.

I am running an INDIEGOGO campaign at present. I set a flexible goal of $20,000 to set up an animation studio. I am the writer/director/producer of City & Suburban Motion Pictures. My question to our Stage 32 Animation community is what hardware and software can we purchase with a budget of $20,000? Thank you.

I have (3) copyrighted screenplays that I would like to have animated.

I first posted it under SCREENWRITING with little help. Originally I wrote them to be live action. I do have an ANIMATION DIRECTOR at the moment and after he gets done animating our City & Suburban Motion Pictures logo I will of course go over it with him. However in the meantime do any of you talen...

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Comics/Graphic Novels

How many of you artists have experience with that? What do you charge per page (b/w & c)?

Considering turning my (3) copyrighted New York Comedy screenplays to Animation.

If you are in NEW YORK METRO, A little help? I have thought about this a great deal over the last few days. Probably because as I am building my LINKED-IN network to share with Stage32 content most of the 1,375 connections work for the following(Warner Animation, Dreamworks Animation, Pixar Animatio...

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A slow process but....

I have already written 3 seasons of an animation series that I fully own and created. I did hire some overseas animators to take my characters to the next level. I used to animate, years ago, but these guys do it as a profession for many, many years. They look great!! It's slow because I'm working o...

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I Have a Wish

Will someone please make an American version of this French film... I just now learned about this film which was released 10 years ago. I love the simple theme of it, a young boy overcoming his fear of the dark. I stumbled onto the knowledge of this...

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Nocturna (2007)
Nocturna (2007)
Directed by Adrià García, Víctor Maldonado. With Imanol Arias, Hervé Caradec, Roger Carel, Cathy Cerda. An orphan boy named Tim is afraid of the dark. However when the stars start going out in the…
Hello oscar!!!

What are your (3) favorite OSCAR winners for best animated film?

Asbury Park Music and Film Festival

I have gotten involved with the APMFF. They are having a film festival in April and are looking for submissions. I know that they don't have many in Animation and I thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase your animated films or shorts. If interested, please visit the website

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Animated series TV deal

Hi everyone, It's important to seek for advice on respect of the subject mention. I am from Nigeria and I am highly interested in producing animated series for tv's. Can someone please help me the info concerning getting a TV deal for animation and live action series globally? Thanks

Planetarium Full Dome Christmas piece...

As you may know. We now a daze use full dome digital projection in planetariums... Here is a recent piece from a fellow planetarium producer vic

Digital Equivalent of a Steenbeck?

I am getting back into making experimental animated films. My last film was in 1982 shot with a Bolex. Picture and sound were edited on a Steenbeck. I have all of the frames for the new film done. I used DaVinci Resolve to render them. What program will let me edit the sound down to the frame? After Effects? Premiere Pro? Thanks