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Hi there! I'm a composer/lyricist working in Musical Theatre. I've been working for the past few years writing new music for artists such as Disney Legend, Lea Salonga and many amazing Broadway artists. I did a project which involved re imagining Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille as a musical, it did well...

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Pixar animation studios

Hello I was wondering if there are any agents having connections with Pixar animation studios directors ?

My first animated short-

I have completed my first short that is intended for animation. I am wondering if anyone is willing to give me feedback. I will give you feedback on one of your shorts as well!
It is about 6 pages.


Does anyone know who is in charge of development at Cartoon network UK ?


Hey please fellow stage 32 , is there anyone who can help me pitch to cartoon network?

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What is the best Approach to getting an Anime Pilot Screenplay Seen

I am a Screenwriter from South Africa. I have written a pilot for a Dark Fantasy Suspense Post Apocalyptic Action Thriller Set In Cape Town, South Africa. It would be the first of its kind (if it were to be a South African Anime). The South African Film Industry has Little or No Space for Anime as i...

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GENRE: Historical Fiction - The Journal of Rudd (1897 - 1903)

I have been away... writing the screenplay for my Journal of Rudd.
Where can I find up-to-date (or reasonably so) data on indie animated historical fiction? Looking for sales, prospects, peripherals, etc. before totally committing to Development and pre-Production.
Thanks in advance.

Collaborator wanted

I have a song I wrote and recorded that I want to animate for a woman's empowerment's a humorous song, and I have some images, and am looking for a humorous animator to bring it to life.

Animation for Dyslexia PSA/mini doc

I'm hoping to find someone help me complete a 3 min mini doc about a young dyslexia activist as a part of our movement to get dyslexia legislation passed in the Massachusetts state government. So far there's nothing to protect these students in our law, and no enough is being done to help them. I'm l ...

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Asbury Park Music and Film Festival

I have gotten involved with the APMFF. They are having a film festival in April and are looking for submissions. I know that they don't have many in Animation and I thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase your animated films or shorts. If interested, please visit the website

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Animated series TV deal

Hi everyone, It's important to seek for advice on respect of the subject mention. I am from Nigeria and I am highly interested in producing animated series for tv's. Can someone please help me the info concerning getting a TV deal for animation and live action series globally? Thanks

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