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Damen Smith
Adobe Animate

I've just gotten it and am wondering if anyone here has any reviews on it.

Ikenna Ezuma
Response needed, please.

Hi pals, please I need quick response advise from you - anyone know about DTM (Dedicated Talent Management)? I pitched them about my animation and they have just sent me a response requesting to read my script. Just wanna be sure I'm dealing with the right guys. Thanks.

Tom Luca
Effects "cel" Animation

Does anyone remember the laser blasts and light sabers in STAR WARS or the swirling spectral phenomena behind closed doors in POLTERGEIST or the whispy vapor seen in WILLOW? Well, I want to know if anyone out there is capable of doing those fantastic traditional hand drawn cel animation effects from...

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Richard Kent Machin

Hey, all, I'm new to this so forgive my ignorance. I have written a six-part series for middle school/high school kids that takes place in the late cretaceous - action/humor. How would I go about pitching it to an animation company? Can that be done here?

Sarah Milali
Pitching to networks

Hello, if you are interested in pitching to cartoon network or nickelodeon. I can help you do it. However, there is an upfront. I have contacts and i will do my best to help you pitch to those networks and get your show done. Still, you should send me a friend request to discuss in greater detail.

Raymond J. Negron
Clues to a great story

Hello Animation fans. This is Ray. Here's an absolute great Ted Talk given by Andrew Stanton. If any of you have not seen this it's a great testament of "Why we write?" Hope you enjoy and I would love to hear what you think below related to your own craft of screenwriting.

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Harry Mah
Pixar animation studios

Hello I was wondering if there are any agents having connections with Pixar animation studios directors ?

Harry Mah

Does anyone know who is in charge of development at Cartoon network UK ?

Harry Mah

Hey please fellow stage 32 , is there anyone who can help me pitch to cartoon network?

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Jack Bybee
GENRE: Historical Fiction - The Journal of Rudd (1897 - 1903)


I have been away... writing the screenplay for my Journal of Rudd.

Where can I find up-to-date (or reasonably so) data on indie animated historical fiction? Looking for sales, prospects, peripherals, etc. before totally committing to Development and pre-Production.

Thanks in advance.

Nancy Cohen
Collaborator wanted

I have a song I wrote and recorded that I want to animate for a woman's empowerment's a humorous song, and I have some images, and am looking for a humorous animator to bring it to life.

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