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Web series of the month

Those lovely @ActingHour types are calling us web series of the month (so that probably means we're worth a watch.)

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General query

Hello I have just joined this site and I'm based in Dundee is there anyone else from Scotland on here?

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Joe Becker

hope you're finding more local connections. did the link help?

  • 20 hours ago
Shauna Rothery

There is only connections in London miles away from me.

  • 12 hours ago
Lina Jones

Hi Shauna! Welcome to the Stage!

  • 12 hours ago
Comedy Features

Is it me, or are there fewer feature comedies being released, and if so, why?

JD Hartman

I'll take that prize. I've followed this thread from the start, but got derailed. Yes, comedy feature films, not an episodic series or other type of program.

  • 14 hours ago
Regina Lee

Hey JD, sorry I didn't mean it like that. You took the conversation to a place that Bob, the OP, really appreciated. I only wanted to explain why I answered narrowly.

  • 12 hours ago
Bob Kiely

Yes Regina, On TV comedy is abundant in its presence; I was referring to big scene comedy features. NP:)

  • 9 hours ago
JD Hartman

No, no, no, no, Regina Lee. You are not taking the prize from me.

  • 8 hours ago
Regina Lee

Haha, you win, JD!

  • 6 hours ago
Virtual Reality: The new Medium for film?

Hello all; Im curious about what the various opinions from our industry looks like when it comes to Virtual Reality. It's gaining alot of momentum in the game industry right now but is it to become a film medium as well? If so, is it a good or bad thing? Will it allow us to do more or restrict...

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Rowdy Roddy Piper

Rowdy Roddy Piper died yesterday. A pro wrestling icon. But he also acted in a somewhat obscure sci-fi "They Live." It was one of John Carpenter's better films in my opinion. Pretty original premise about aliens that you can only see with a certain pair of sunglasses. "I've got one that can see!"

Baljinder Singh Gill

Piper's a legend. Grew up watching him from Wrestlemania VI. What a personality, just don't get em anymore.

Brian Shell

The movie "They Live" is totally awesome... as is Rowdy Roddy's performance in it. My favorite line of his in it? "I've come here to kick-ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all out of bubble gum." The...

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Beth Fox Heisinger

Hey Alan, this is Beth from the Stage 32 team. I just wanted to let you know I moved your post from Screenwriting to Anything Goes, as it fits much better there. Best to you!

The Wedding Rapper

What's good, Denver! I'm performing "Clique, Ni@@as In Paris, Truffle Butter, and Black Skinhead" at EL CHARRITO 2100 Larimer St, CO 80205. Hope to see you there. It'll be a lot of fun!

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Shawn Speake

My new Denver cameraman was a no-show last night so I reached out to Eric Fulcher on S32, and we're going at tonight! I frickin' love S32! Hope to see all you Broncos in the building tonight!

  • 19 hours ago
AFX Industrial (film scores)

Need a professional film score written for your movie?

Think of my name David C. Hëvvitt and my company AFX Industrial (film scores) in the very first instance!

AFX Industrial (film scores) are rapidly becoming the 'go to' film scoring company …

110% satisfaction...

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Please click on the link above to hear more examples on YouTube. You'll see, that with minimal visual cues, our videos focus on the music alone. We want you to use your imagination as to where and whe...
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What do you do to create a conducive mood for creativity?

Let me give you an example from today... I visited my 73-year-old drum teacher's studio where he was getting set to play all of the songs that he's taken years... and hundreds of hours mixing and mastering... to finally sit down and listen to in One Complete Sitting.

There were 3...

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STAGE32 and DenverWood lookin' good!

A big shout out to STAGE32 for bringing us together! Scott Murrish, Art Razo, John Golden, Lyle Pookie Derose, Shawn Speake, Eric Julien Fulcher, and Salvatore Losauro… We had a blast discussing business!

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Stills Photographer Seeking Twitter "Relationships" - (AKA: Wanna' Follow Each Other?)

I'm a still photographer in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area looking to expand my Twitter network with actors, directors and producers. I post the occasional production still from the films I work on and may retweet film-related topics when the mood strikes.

I enjoy long walks on the...

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Nick Belial (@nickbelial) | Twitter
Nick Belial (@nickbelial) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Nick Belial (@nickbelial). Still photographer on Carver, The Listing, Fear of My Flesh for Eli Roth's #CryptTV, Headshots, Fashion & Model's Portfolios. Philadelphia, PA
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When all the movie stars went to glamourours nightspots like Cafe Trocadero . . .

And were photographed for the next issue of The Hollywood Reporter looking fabulous -

Mae West
Mae West
* On Wednesday, 9 July 2014, * * * * "Sex is good for you," says Mae West. And an interview published in * * Source: * * * * * * * * New York's Annual Mae West Tribute: to celebrate the birthday of Br...
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new FREE eNovel/eBook

I just wrote a FREE eNovel/eBook available on amazon. please check it out and let me know your thoughts!! xoxo


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  • 3 days ago