Anything Goes : A genie grants you 3 wishes for your craft, what are they? by Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

A genie grants you 3 wishes for your craft, what are they?

Have some fun with this. It's Sunday. Before the football or after. It's ANYTHING GOES. Whatever your craft. Don't question the premise. Remember the fastest way to kill a miracle(wish) is to ask what it wants or why it is? On your marks, Get set. SHARE, IF YOU DARE!!!!

Kevin Carothers
  1. The "K" in SKG suddenly stands for "Kevin"

    ...That would prolly be three wishes.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

OK. Poor Katzenberg. But your wish. And WOW!! You get to work with Spielberg! BTW- You still have 2 more wishes.

Rosalind Winton

Great question... as well as being a literary editor, I also write songs and lyrics, so here's my three wishes..

1. I happen to bump into Andrew Lloyd Webber and strike up a conversation with him.

2. Andrew Lloyd Webber asks to see my lyrics.

3. Andrew Lloyd Webber likes my lyrics asks me to work with him on a new musical.

Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

1. Have my screenplay being produced

2. Direct the best scripts of others I am working on

3. Establish a great filmmaking team that sustains

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Rosalind- Get it big Andrew Lloyd Webber fan.


Steven Harris Anzelowitz

WLE- Productive use of your wishes along all your crafts. So looking forward to working with you on Amsterdam 74! Tot Ziens.

Rosalind Winton

Steven, well, if you're going to dream, dream big right? I also want to write a theme song for a film, something that is also on my bucket list :)

Doug Nelson

I have only one film related wish/goal: To be awarded my own OSCAR (I've helped others get theirs). I'll hold my other wishes in reserve for now.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Doug- Good Choice.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Rosiland- Only 3 wishes. But, thank you for your bucket list choices.

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