Anything Goes : Account hacked, bio replaced, fake invites sent.... known issue? Anyone else? by Elvira Drake

Account hacked, bio replaced, fake invites sent.... known issue? Anyone else?

Wasn't sure which forum to post this, but it appears my account was hacked. 

My bio has been erased and replaced with a ,ru spam link ( 

I changed my password.

I haven't been on here in a while but came back when I noticed an influx of daily email notifications of people accepting my invite... people I never asked to connect with.

Is this a known issue? Has this happened to anyone else?

Elvira Drake

PS: Also, I just noticed my Participation score this week being 3... when I haven;t even done anything. So I don't know if this person was doing more than just sending out networking/connection invites...

Debbie Croysdale

This is a Horror Film situation and you should report to MODS and RB immediately. However, I know of real life situations where info is not hacked from within a website but third party (known to victims) accesses personal pin codes or passwords to pose as “person” on website. So problem may not be “Within”. Eliminate possibles and probables. These Psychic Vampires aim on shock factor, so don’t get too upset. A couple of years back I had pizzas sent to digs, paint sprayed on door etc cos some sad office worker who hates my guts got my pay pal details. Cyber crime has limited pain allowance. Switch them off.

Elvira Drake

Yes, I'll find a way to report this bizarre activity to the admins/RB. I just got another notification email this morning stating I was now connected with yet another person I didn't send an invite to.

Elvira Drake

I've reported it and they don't know how it's happening but said everything seems to be fine now. It's not. I'm still getting DAILY emails alerting me that I have a new connection. How is this happening?! I'm not sending anyone invites. It even shows as having sent ZERO invites.

Is this really not happening to everyone else?

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