Anything Goes : Casting Newb by Samantha Wynne

Samantha Wynne

Casting Newb

Hey Guys, I am making a web series and am starting to do auditions. This is my first time auditioning people and I feel I am a little over my head. I have an auditioning space and day and time. I'm not really sure where to go from there. Should I have them do monologues? If the actor is represented am I required to contact their agent? Should I schedule them staggered or in blocks? I'm expecting to audition about 50 people. Any advice on holding auditions would be really super! Thanks!

Zaid Mu'min

Hi Samantha. I find myself in the same situation with my first short narrative that I hope to begin shooting at the end of June. I found the following article extremely useful as a starting place.

Elisabeth Meier

Concerning what they shall present I would ask them for a short monologue and let them interact with one or two other actors - maybe w/ some you already decided for so that you can concentrate on one person.

Amanda Toney

Hi Samantha we have a brand new webinar exactly on this topic! All the best to you!

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